Characters: Artie, Tina, Blaine, with appearances by Becky Jackson and Sam Evans
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: 4.13 "Diva"
Word Count: ~6,200
Summary: Tina's obsession with Blaine is weird. Artie intervenes for the sake of the New Directions. Things get worse.
Warnings: ableism, sexism, non-consensual touch
Author’s Notes: Thanks to nadiacreek, nachochang and countess7 for much-needed encouragement and betaing throughout my first (agonizing but hopefully worthwhile) attempt to tell a story from Artie's point of view. And many thanks to luckyjak for helping me with my comic book questions! Any errors are mine.

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Blaine is gushing about Tina, which he does a lot lately. It's kind of annoying.  )


Characters: Blaine and Emma Pillsbury, with brief appearances by Sam, Kurt and Asian Persuasion
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: 4.12 "Naked"
Word Count: ~2,000
Summary: 4.12 missing scene +. No teacher tells Blaine to go see Ms. Pillsbury, and his boyfriend doesn't drag him there. But he goes to talk to her anyway, because he wants to.
Warnings: living with/internalizing homophobia (not a central theme of the fic, but it comes up).
Author’s Notes: Thanks to [ profile] punkkitten2113  and [ profile] lavender_love00  for the encouragement! This one is thrilling and terrifying to post since it's pretty much a freewrite. But I'm gonna be brave like Blaine and do it anyway. Any errors are mine. 

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Characters: Blaine, Sam, Tina, Kurt (pairings as in canon)
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: 4.11 "Sadie Hawkins"
Word Count: 2,882
Summary: 4.11 reaction. Blaine loves three different people in three very different ways. Kind of a mirror piece to "Unexpected Gifts" (lj / tumblr / dreamwidth), but can be understood on its own.
Author’s Notes: Thanks to nachochang for betaing! Title inspired by meta by [personal profile] misqueue. Any errors are mine.

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Characters: Tina, Blaine
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: 4.11 "Sadie Hawkins"
Word Count: 1,709
Summary: 4.11 missing scene fic. Tina takes Blaine home from the dance. She's quite the gentleman even though she might rather be a rake.
Author’s Notes: Thanks to April and [personal profile] likeasouffle for cheerleading! Title inspired by meta by

[personal profile] misqueue. Any errors are mine.


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After the dance, Tina thought of continuing on the snow theme by taking him out for ice cream, but it was fucking freezing outside and the only place for ice cream open at that time of night was McDonald's. Which, technically, doesn't even count as ice cream.

So, instead, they drove around a bit and stopped at the 7-11 for hot chocolates and got back in the car and drove to the river – more of a creek, really, but it was the best that Lima had – and stared out at it through the windshield as they sipped their drinks and Blaine told her about the Warblers and the steroids and swooned a little every time he mentioned Sam's name. It only hurt a little, to see him do that. Mostly, it made her feel warm and happy, because he was happy, and his skin looked softer, and his eyelashes – oh, his eyelashes.

"You said something last week that I've been thinking about," she said in one of the lulls.


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