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May. 2nd, 2013 09:29 am
Hi there! I've been largely absent from LiveJournal because, more times than not, it takes eons to load when I go to reply to comments, check my inbox, make a post, etc etc. It seems to be behaving a bit today, so here I am.

I have four or five stories on Tumblr that I haven't yet posted here, but intend to one day. You can check them out with the tag "wowbright writes fic" on tumblr; hopefully that will get you all of them . (Although tag searches on Tumblr aren't the most reliable things.)

I theoretically love LiveJournal more than Tumblr because it's easier to create a sense of community here, and I love the back-and-forth with comments. Alas, given how LJ has been functioning for me, I now have comments that are more than a month old that I still haven't replied to, which kind of kills the conversation/community aspect of the whole thing. I've completely stopped posting any meta or episode reactions here (they're on my Tumblr with the tag "metabation") and as for fics - well, it's easier to post them to Tumblr and AO3. Plus, I trust AO3 much more, and they don't do all this fuckery with word limits per chapter.

I have an account at Dreamwidth, too, but it appears only 2 or 3 of my friends are active over there, so ... Tumblr is where most of the action is with me right now. I'm hoping to get all of my fics on AO3 eventually. I'm not sure what I'll be doing with LiveJournal. I'll probably keep posting here, but I'll need to add a note to entries that it's better to comment on AO3 or Dreamwidth if one hopes for an answer.

However, I do still check my LJ flist regularly and keep up with others' fic and meta that way (although I don't comment as consistently as I used to for the aforementioned reasons). I vastly prefer the flist than tumblr's dashboard -- it's so much easier to keep up with things that way. Does anyone know if AO3 is considering a similar feature? All I have figured out with AO3 is that if I want to know about a person's new postings, I need to subscribe to email notifications.

And that was ridiculously long for a housekeeping post.

(And if you respond to this and I take ridiculously long to get back to you, it is not personal. See above. ♥)


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