Here's another ficlet I started the week after 3.05 The First Time and never finished. I think I intended it to be part of the same fic as this, which is probably why I never finished either of them. They are so different, tonally. Of course, so were Kurt and Blaine for much of that episode.

It ends just before the "If you see any of Rachel's campaign posters, feel free to tear them down"/"Do you think we're too sheltered as artists?" that takes place in canon.

Kurt POV, 816 words, no warnings. Unless you need to be warned for science.Kurt almost didn't sign up for astronomy. Since his freshman year at McKinley, he's always associated the astronomy room – and hence, the entire field of science – with straight kids making out. )

Pairings: Kurt/Blaine, Rachel/Finn (but the story is gen)
Rating: PG
Spoilers: 3.22 "Goodbye" and "Rachel's Yearbook Message to Kurt Scene"
Word Count: 7,448
Summary: The more Kurt thinks about Rachel's yearbook message, the more he doesn't know what to make of it. Finn does, though. (Reaction fic to "Goodbye" and "Rachel's Yearbook Message to Kurt Scene".)

Author’s Notes: Thanks to [ profile] punkkitten2113 and [ profile] lavender_love00 for betaing and being thinky with me. Any errors are mine. Also, I don’t own Glee, and I don’t make any money writing this stuff.

When she hugs him, it's like she lets go of everything else. )Also here on tumblr. I love comments, but please don't mention any spoilers in them. I stay away from those as much as possible. Thanks!
I'm not bothering with a cutline because this is so short and their are no spoilers beyond Original Song. I wrote this on Klaine Day but for some reason didn't post it. Consider it my belated Klainiversary gift to you.


Blaine's friends had told him horror stories about their first kisses – about girls going at them tongue first, about teeth clashing, about too much spit and not enough finesse.

Thad had told him about kissing a girl who always tasted like mushrooms and tortilla chips, no matter what she'd actually eaten that day. "She was really hot, and I liked her a lot, and I love mushrooms and tortilla chips," Thad said. "But it was just creepy. I had to break it off after a few dates."

When Blaine kissed Kurt, his heart almost lurched out of his chest to tap-dance on the table and do a few somersaults over Pavarotti's tiny, bedazzled coffin. Because Kurt's mouth tasted like home, and Kurt's lips knew exactly what they were doing.

So did Blaine's.



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